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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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pipes. >>president vince courtney: thank you. are there any public comments on the general manager's report? yes, please. >> thank you, i think that's a great request that you asked whether or not it could withstand in an quake. i didn't hear a yes or no but i'm assuming it's no. we could not afford a system that will fail where the people in i ohio were not able to access their water. we need to centralised the system. we can have a sewage system so even with the tap water system. i was studying the plan that was put out. if you put a filtration system telling the kids to drink this water, if this earthquake damages the school, you may have the houses go down and
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your house maybe the only one standing, and people will ask to use your restroom. if you have your own system that only operated in your community and theirs went down, they can use yours because it's still up and running. because we don't have anything available that says yes, this is going to withstand an earthquake. we didn't participate in the geo is survey to talk about what is happening. when they say the united states is going to have some major issues with water reliability california wasn't the state and today we are the worst state in the union. i think we need to look at what we have available. we didn't plan inform that and we just saw what happened in napa. what happened to earthquake history here in 1906, that big fire that just happened, we were using that i was using created long before my dad was
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born and to put these firefighters in danger. we are in silicone valley, we are california and leaders in the globe yet using technology to build 100-year-old dual system with this technology they delivered 100 years ago. what are we teaching these young people. if i'm young from san francisco i want to see that we have the best innovative. not san francisco, they are building a new sewage system with sludge. you know environmentally on the people that are there. we are san francisco, we are silicone valley. i think president courtney gets it because if we look at what we can partner on to make a difference. i'm honored that you built up these young men's self-esteem, we need to get bigger on that. if we really want them to compete we need to give them the
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advantage through technology. i can show you handout you to do that because it appears that it's not going to people's minds and we have examples where it's running more than a decade. let's bring it to san francisco. >>president vince courtney: thank you for your comments, yolanda. commissioner vietor? >>commissioner francesca vietor: yes, i would like to respond to that because i have been interested in some of these questions too especially around the generations piece about the rim fire and the importance of redundancy in our system and what it might look like especially as we start to lose power capacity. i would love to hear at some point a deeper conversation particularly on the potential for some distributed generation not only in the energy sector but also in the water space and what that might look like to have some, i noticed the puc building, the model with the living machine system, but what else might be some
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opportunity whether it's new developments coming online and taking it to the next generation of distributing the generation either the generation or distribution of water and energy. >> we can do that and we were talking a little bit about emergency response and recovery which we have shelves full of plans that we use and talking about decentralized treatment and inter generation al. well rim fire, we were able to bring it to the customers need. for our water, we spent $4 billion which is one of the main issues we address with the water systems improvement program. with the waste program, we are looking at what happens after a major disaster. a lot of the things we've em
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employed in our programs are cutting edge. the fault, the hayward fault is the only one in the world. >> absolutely. i think the structure holds the same promise but i'm not just talking about seismic reliability, there are things that are related to flood and climate and water and intrusion and all kinds of things that we want to stay ahead of that curve to see what we can build in terms of resilience and understand what the future is going to bring. >> we can talk about tla and mr. ritchie is going to bring you the motion deling about the system's reliability in general and we can talk about that. >>president vince courtney: thank you, commissioner vietor. francisco? >> i stated this before. we have propriety technology
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that will give us realtime reports on leakage. we have to look at that because we have to stop fooling ourselves by saying we are doing good with the drought. we are not doing good with the drought. how can we be doing good with the drought when we know that millions of gallons leak because our pipes are old and all pipes have holes. when you have holes in the pipes, they leak. let's not kid ourselves. we need to be very realistic and practical. we are propriety technology where we can get realtime reports about leak acknowledges. -- leakages. having said that, we are spending $4.7
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million on water improvement projects. it's linked to this drought and linked to conservation and linked to our resources. so we want a realtime report or evaluation on mountain tunnel and calaveras. because they are looking at us. we did not do a good job. the commission should have had a checklist and no. one on the checklist should have been mountain tunnel. you are now going backwards. i don't want to use another catchword but you are all going backwards. mountain tunnel, we need an evaluation. calaveras, we need an evaluation. the big one is coming, most probably it's going to be on the hayward fault and we need an evaluation. now, as our young people are here, one of my heroes is frederick
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douglas. he never went to school. he went against president lincoln and he won. what am i saying? you really don't need to go to the schools or to go to some of the institutions or centered around these groups that are fluff who can not think outside of the box. we need to think outside the box, much like the ones that were built that technology cannot build them. think outside of the box. thank you very much. >>president vince courtney: thank you very much, francisco, is there any other comments on the general manager's report? great work on the community with the youth and those that are on their way to college and the great
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thing with the women on water. we have to figure out a wait to trade water for wine and so you guys can put together a report i'm sure and we'll figure that out. if there is no other public comment, public comment is now closed. madam clerk, next item, please. city clerk: item no. 8, bawsca update. >> good afternoon, commissioners. nicole, bawsca ceo. i wanted to comment on the drought. i just gave a presentation last night to the city council that was packed in the chambers room because
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they were having quite a bit of discussion about water supply and i was pleased with the response they were getting internally. i have talked several times about our collaborative effort with your staff on the regional drought campaign. that was launched earlier this month with several billboards throughout the service area that are now up that are using some of the artwork that your staff and your consultants have put together so well. we are also doing short commercials, the commercials on google and youtube with ads which will be a new approach for us and we are excited to see the possibility and how it works and looking forward to seeing some of the results and you will get a lot of statistics on that as well. i will be pleased to share this with your staff and movie theatre ads where
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we can target the approach for getting the message out and the commercials are being made available for many new customers that are putting them up on their sites in various channels as well. this is a map of the boards where we put them on major commute corridors starting by daly city into san mateo and over in the east bay in hayward area and highway 92 as well. you will notice they are focused oh on san mateo county and that was very deliberate because the santa clara county is doing their own and we agreed not to create confusion for the messaging. we feel it's a great time to have this come up because it's a great
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window of opportunity for the continued savings through the end of the summer here. the campaign is focused on the outdoor. i felt it was consistent with the governor's message about watering lawns and we use the other message as well. when i talked about this last into it at the redwood city council, i did not show the video but counselors have all seen it because i heard jittering. it's definitely getting attention. one of the things that we have seen in our office, in our programs is a significant response in our lawn be gone program. we started this program 3-4 years ago and it got off
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to a slow start. changing perceptions of how longs should be is a big push for us, but with this drought we've seen over 180 percent change in question in the applications change. it has been a dollar per square foot and a limit on the rebate amount. usually you get a $500 rebate. that has now been removed. so someone who is replacing all of their glass, they get a rebate per square foot. we hope this will be a lasting remnant of the drought and hoping we can sing and dna -- dance in the summer and hopefully a continued push for the program. in addition, one of the other things that we do very aggressively
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throughout the service area is free landscaping classes and workshops. we thought it was great to change landscaping and perceptions of landscaping. we have 28 schedules for this september and we do this in the spring and fall and they focus around land use and alternatives to lawns and do workshops to teach people how to cheat mulch and they have done great programs in the spring last year. as steve mentioned, we've seen a continued reduction in water use. that has been phenomenal, every week when those reports come out we get very excited in our office. but it's important that that is sustained so we are taking
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this opportunity to create this message as much as possible to talk about this is a great opportunity for everybody to be weary about what they are doing about landscaping. i got calls about droughts and water and they say why do we want to save water today, isn't it going to agriculture? i said no, absolutely not. you are in a single source system in a system that these customers have paid for and used and san francisco owns and operates for you and every drop of water that you save today is available for you later. i think it's a perception that not everybody knows and sometimes gets confused by the media. with that i will conclude. >>president vince courtney: thank you very much for being here. commissioners? i was having a conversation on my way into the building with commissioner moran about the fact on my way to the football game on sunday i
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drove down sunset boulevard. there was an article once again about the lawn in front of city hall. so, you know, i know who maintains sunset blvd, for example, that's the men and women of local 261 on behalf of the public works department. it's basically dead. i mean, it looks dead and we talked about that earlier. if available, i would like a copy of the book you have there on the landscape because believe it or not there are labor issues. we have a measure coming up at the november election related to proposition h and it's about synthetic you in -- you turf field and everyone has their opinion to grass and what the percentage is and so i would
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like that information because it looks like you have done a lot of great work about those alternative landscapes because irrigation is something we have to look into. the plumbers will be interested in that and all of the other, actually it's all on point. we just got this book today about the native plants and hetch hetchy. i would love to see the commissioners an at least acquire that document and maybe a conversation. i believe we've offered incentives on the west side of the city to green. because people they cement over. i think we've offered incentives for people to undo the parking. it's a conversation that i think is appropriate to have. it's so on point. if commissioner
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moran has anything to add? >> the >>commissioner anson moran: the other thing that sunset blvd that comes to mind is that you don't need irrigation. those people that are operating her to systems know what their alternatives are and how to keep viable landscaping alive without a full measure of water. >>president vince courtney: thank you, commissioner. commissioner vietor? >>commissioner francesca vietor: there is all this data with --? >> the requirement is no more than 25 percent i am pefrs, you must replace with per views and that was a
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specific concern about that because we didn't want the hard scaped look. they do not rebate for artificial you turf either. thank you. >>president vince courtney: are there any public comments on the bough bawsca update? seeing none. madam clerk next item. city clerk: items 9. consent calendar. all matters listed here unconstitute a consent calendar are considered to be routine by the san francisco public utilities commission. >>president vince courtney: i'm going to request to remove item e
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and to be placed on the next agenda. >> sorry, you would like that removed and carried over to the next meeting? >> yes, sir, please. anything else commissioners? >> yes, commissioner torres. >>commissioner art torres: i would like to abstain on item b. >> okay, we will remove b? is that your preference? >> i'm just not going to vote. >> so moved. >>president vince courtney: it's been moved and seconded that commissioner torres will abstain as to his vote on item 9b. is there any further conversation, any public comment on that item, seeing none public comment is now closed. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye.
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>> none opposed that motion carries. commissioners, we can vote on the whole. >> city attorney. i think you need to remove 9 b. >>president vince courtney: okay, we'll remove item 9 b and e. okay. so the rest, commissioners? it's been moved and seconded. any further discussion. this is on items 9acd and f. is there any public comments on those items? seeing none, public comment is now closed. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> opposed? the eyes ayes have it. it's been moved and seconded. any public comment on item 9
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b. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> and opposed? . 9 b carries. with one abstention taken. thank you. 9b we'll see on the next agenda. madam secretary? cl eric clerk excuse me mr. president, to clarify 9b will be moved over? >> yes. next item. city clerk: item 10: 10. approve amendment no. 4 to agreement no. cs-820, new irvington tunnel project - engineering services, with urs corporation, to continue as design engineer-of-record for the construction of the tunnel; and authorize the general manager to negotiate and execute this amendment increasing the agreement up to $500,000, for a total not-to-exceed agreement amount of $14,873,561, and with a time extension up to 12 months, for a total agreement duration of up to 10 years, subject to board of supervisors approval pursuant
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to charter city clerk: sf 101234 >>president vince courtney: commissioners, i will entertain a motion. >> i will moo it. >> it's been moved and seconded. any public comment? all in favor say, "aye". aye. >> opposed the motion carries, madam clerk, no. 11. >>vice- president ann moller caen: can we go back to that. i have a comment. >> we'll go back to item 10. vice-president caen. >>vice- president ann moller caen: going back, i have to address the next two items coming up. do you have any comment on that item? mr. wade. >> dan wade, to address your question, i want to point out that this item as well as the next two items
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are contractual agenda items to conform to the revised wsip that was approved in april. so you approved schedule and budget revisions to the water improvement program and this item to allow a record to continue work on the project as part of that revised. >> when you say when the tunnel is coming into service? >> this tunnel is coming into service this fall and it's going to be a milestone for the wis sip and change the level in terms of seismic and delivery in reliability. there is going to be continued work to tie up all the loose ends after it goes into service this fault and
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establish of completion will finish this year. it takes time for these projects to come to final closure. as reported in the past we did have different conditions during the tunnelling of the project, we had gassy tunnel conditions at the time the project was bid, we knew there was potential gassy conditions and that did have a time and cost impact and we also had some extensive ground water in flow issues during the construction of the project. but the project is going very well and we do expect to finish as i said put the tunnel into seventh services this fall. >> that does make a difference. thank you very much.
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>> we have moved on item 10 and no. 11. moved. >> now we are up to five 1/2 years. i would also like to request that we no longer put the extension in days because days seem shorter than years and for everybody's edification. 2130 calendar days is five 1/2 years. if you want to put it in days, fine, but could you also put it in years because to me that's more real than days. >>president vince courtney: without objection that will be the order. >> and months. >> no hours. >> now, don't make fun of me.
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>> i think it's an excellent idea. >> mr. cruz? >> i was here to answer any questions. >> commissioners, is there any public comment on item 11. it's been moved and seconded. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> opposed. the motion carries, next item. city clerk: item 12: 12. approve an increase in the construction cost contingency for contract no. wd-2551, calaveras dam replacement project, with dragados-usa, inc./ flatiron west, inc./sukut construction, inc., joint venture, in the amount of $79,781,662 and an increase in the contract duration of up to 371 consecutive calendar days; and authorize the general manager to approve future modifications to the contract for a total revised contract amount up to $529,225,308, and for a total revised contract duration up to 2661 consecutive calendar days. city clerk: item 12: 12. approve an increase in the construction
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cost contingency for contract no. wd-2551, calaveras dam replacement project, with dragados-usa, inc./ flatiron west, inc./sukut construction, inc., joint venture, in the amount of $79,781,662 and an increase in the contract duration of up to 371 consecutive calendar days; and authorize the general manager to approve future modifications to the contract for a total revised contract amount up to $529,225,308, and for a total revised contract duration up to 2661 consecutive calendar city clerk: item 12: 12. approve an increase in the construction cost contingency for contract no. wd-2551, calaveras dam replacement project, with dragados-usa, inc./ flatiron west, inc./sukut construction, inc., joint venture, in the amount of $79,781,662 and an increase in the contract duration of up to 371 consecutive calendar days; and authorize the general manager to approve future modifications to the contract for a total revised contract amount up to $529,225,308, and for a total revised contract duration up to 2661 consecutive calendar days. >>president vince courtney: there is a slight 1234 change to the resolution. is there any discussion on the amendment? is there any public comment on the amendment at item no. 12. seeing none public comment is closed. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> opposed the aye's have it. on the original number, item no. 12 #shgs commissioners. >> i will move as amended. >> it's been moved and seconded. any public comment on the item no. 12 as amended? seeing none, public comment on item 12 as amended? francisco? >> i have been monitoring calaveras for a long time. i think it's time that we haven't done this but we need to have a hearing on calaveras. so that we are fully satisfied, we the constituents on calaveras.
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i know the supervisors wanted a hearing on mountain tunnel and they can have that hearing, but calaveras is important. historically, the gentleman who came here, if you just read about calaveras and what took place in that area, we just read about calaveras and the first people, we leave the first people out, the discussion, the land belongs to us, we didn't steal it and treat it as we want it and now we want to do as we please. let's have a hearing on calaveras because i can assure you the way things are going, they are going to come again for another extension. that's my gut feeling and my gut
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feeling is always a million percent right. >>president vince courtney: thank you, we'll have a discussion on that item. is there anymore public comment on item no. 12 as amended. seeing none, public comment is closed. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> opposed the highest -- ayes have it. madam clerk, next item. item 13: approve an increase in the construction contract cost contingency for contract no. wd-2685, with cal state contractors inc., for reservoir and tanks improvement 20133, in the amount of $682,000; and authorize the general manager to approve future modifications to the contract for a total revised contract amount up to $9,997,900. the requested increase is due to new water conservation work requested for twin peaks reservoir. the work includes preparing and installing new water barriers along all submerged concrete slab joints to inhibit water leakage from the reservoir to its underdrains. there will be no change in contract duration due to this joint sealing work1234 >> thank you, jasmine. commissioners? >> so move. >> second. >> it's been moved and second. is there any public comment


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